Semiconductors and Nano-technology

Headway Research Inc.,USA

Headway Research Inc. produces a line of spin coaters, spin developers for photoresist imaging, and spin cleaners. Our spinners, associated dispensers, and accessories are commonly used for R&D and specialty production use.

Headway's spinners rotate an object (substrate), and use the centrifugal force to spread a liquid across the surface. Uses include:

• Cleaning a substrate surface
• Conditioning the surface for following processes
• Coating the surface with a thin uniform film
• Developing micro images in exposed photosensitive coatings

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Process Materials Inc.,USA

Process Materials is a full-service, thin film materials provider offering high quality products designed for the vacuum industry. Our products include planar targets, cylindrical targets, backing plates and tubes, bonding services, and wire frame, plasma, and thermal spray targets. We offer metals, alloys, and ceramics to fit any customer design configuration. Additionally, we provide product design, CAD/CAM and full traceability and analysis of our materials.


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