Optics and Electro-Optics

Bristol Instruments USA

Bristol Instruments offers a variety of optical interferometer-based products for scientists and engineers who are interested in Laser Spectral Characterization, WDM Wavelength Testing, or Non-Contact Thickness Measurement. Wavelength meters and spectrum analyzers are available to characterize CW and pulsed lasers that operate from the visible to the mid-IR. The wavelength of WDM lasers and WDM signals can be measured with a family of optical wavelength meters and multi-wavelength meters. And, an optical thickness gauge is offered to measure absolute thickness, a dimension that is critical in the development and production of materials such as plastic films, glass tubing, and ophthalmic products.


Website:  www.bristol-inst.com

Photon Control Inc. USA

Our spectrometers are robust and versatile instruments, ideal for OEM integrations and core research. Our compact and high resolution spectrometers have been used to support techniques that include: Transmission, Reflectance, Emission, Fluorescence, and Raman analysis for investigations into the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared regions. Some of the applications include: LED irradiance, Laser classification, color monitoring, and materials sorting.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor:
Unlike traditional temperature sensors; fiber optic temperature based sensors are immune to electro-magnetic interference, making our temperature measurement sensors robust and accurate in high-RF environments.

Our high-performance optical temperature sensor systems; include a full range of temperature sensors and converters perfect for a variety of applications, where thermocouple sensors would fail.


Website:  www.photon-control.com

Standa UAB

Optical Tables, Mounts & Positioners, Translation & Rotation Stages, Motorized Positioners & Controllers, Opto-mechanics, High precision optics, Lasers & accessories, Light test & measurement instruments, Spectrographs & Monochromators, Vacuum compatible stages.


Website:   www.standa.lt

Forth Dimension Displays,UK

A world leader in designing and manufacturing high–resolution Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon (FLCoS) devices used as Micro displays and Spatial Light Modulators for premium near-to-eye imagers for military, medical and virtual reality applications, as well as for structured light projection.


Website:  www.forthdd.com

New Scale Technologies, Inc. USA

New Scale helps customers transform their large, expensive, complicated-to-use systems into small, affordable, easy-to-use instruments and devices. Our customers use our tiny motion modules to adjust micro optics or mechanical components within their handheld, portable and mobile systems.

The modules have micrometer precision, work on battery power, perform at any orientation and resist shock, vibration and temperature extremes. With all controls built in, they are the smallest, easiest-to-integrate solution for product designers creating miniaturized systems for a range of markets.


Website:  www.newscaletech.com