Imaging & Detection Systems

Greateyes GmbH

Greateyes is dedicated to the field of optical inspection. For the solar industry,high-performance electro- (EL) and photoluminescence (PL) systems for wafer,cell, and module examination are available.

Greateyes offers a huge portfolio of highly sensitive,scientific cameras for imaging and spectroscopy from the UV, VIS and NIR range to the VUV, EUV and X-ray range.


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Fastec Imaging, USA

High Speed Digital Video Cameras for every need.

Fastec Imaging manufactures portable, affordable high-speed cameras with outstanding image quality. With resolutions up to 5 Megapixels and frame rates up to 250,000 fps, no application is too fast for our cameras. Fastec Imaging’s line of handheld, point-and-shoot high-speed cameras are truly an industry innovation. Our more traditional camera systems are just as impressive, with small form factors and all the features found in far more expensive cameras systems. Add in our line of long-duration recording systems that enable high- speed video capture for hours at a time, and you have the most well-rounded high-speed camera offerings in the industry. Priced to fit demanding budgets, Fastec Imaging high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line, in the lab, on the field of play, or on the test range. Whatever your application demands, we have the answer.


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Vigo Systems, Poland

Drawing upon decades of experience in development and production of infrared detectors, VIGO System has gained a vast knowledge of how detectors are used in systems in a wide range of Applications. To ensure the success of your project our experienced engineering team is available to help solve the most sophisticated and complex problems related to infrared radiation detection and measurements.

We offer Infrared Cameras for thermography and thermal night vision systems designed for a growing range of applications.


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Ames Photonics Inc., USA

Ames Photonics, home of the LARRY and GARRY series of linear array detectors, is a team of dedicated spectroscopists and technologists who have been producing high quality, reasonable cost, modular tools for spectroscopy for our scientific, research and industrial customers around the world since 1996.

Our complete range of modular tools for spectroscopic research includes CCD, CMOS and InGaAs detectors, advanced software packages for data acquisition and analysis, calibration standards, instruments, accessories and more.


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