VUV EUV X-ray in Vacuum Cameras

Based on a unique platform concept, greateyes offers a portfolio of scientific cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in the UV, VIS and NIR range. The deep-cooled, high-performance CCD detectors are very compact. They combine highly sensitive sensors with ultra-low noise 16-bit electronics for optimal detection of weak signals. Select among different pixel formats, several sensor technologies and various sensor coatings to find the best solution for your imaging or spectroscopic application.

The full-frame CCD sensors are integrated in hermetically sealed vacuum chambers with multi-stage Peltier elements. The cameras provide a rich set of functionalities including flexible binning operation, various trigger and synchronization modes, software switchable gain as well as temperature monitoring of the sensor and the Peltier hot side.

GE-VAC 1024 1024 series

GE-VAC 1024 256 series

GE-VAC 2048 512 series

GE-VAC 2048 2048 series